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Travelling Techs

If you’re looking for a team of Travelling Techs to help with your national rollout, look no further than Phoenix Geeks. We have a team of experienced professionals who are able to handle any size project, big or small. We’ve been working on some of our larger projects for over

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Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) ***

Le Pain Quotidien chose Toast POS for their nationwide rollout, and they chose Phoenix Geeks to handle the installation. Our team of Travelling Techs embedded with LPQ’s IT staff to install Toast at all of their locations in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

Nationwide Infrastructure Rollout

Phoenix Geeks’ team of nationwide travelling techs can help your team rollout an upgrade in record time and under budget.

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Self Managed Network For Your POSSelf Managed Network For Your restaurant Or Small BusinessClick HereTravelling TechsPhoenix Geeks Tech Work Coast To CoastLearn MoreNationwide Infrastructure UpgradePhoenix Geeks supplies leads which can travel the US to do your installs. We can lead teams, of locally sourced techs, so you get continuity on

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Provide A Lead To Phoenix Geeks Thank you for sending us this lead! Please fill this form out, so that we will follow up with your client.  We will keep you in the loop the entire way thru this project. Around twenty minutes after you submit this form, an email