How To Configure BLF Buttons On Your Phone


This FAQ is written to show you how to configure your BLF buttons on your phone, if your phone supports these features.

Log into your PBX using the credentials (UserID/Password) and the web client URL from your welcome email.

After you are logged in, on the left side of the screen, click on the ... on the bottom, then choose Settings.

Now click on the BLF menu option.

Choose from the drop down for the button you wish to configure, and pick an option.


The options Mean:

Line - Outside Line To Make A Call

BLF - Show if someone is on their phone, a second drop down is presented, choose the extension you wish to see if they are busy.  This also allows you to call that person by clicking the one button.

Speed Dial - A quick way to dial an extension inside the office.

Custom Speed Dial - Allows you to put any phone number and make a button for this purpose.  This is great for a Strategic Vendor.  When you select this, a secondary form is presented, which lets you enter the phone number with area code (###) ###-####, then you can name with First and Last Name the option.

Shared Parking - This allows you to park a call in a shared parking space.  If the person you are sending the call has the same shared parking spot set up on their phone, they can click a button to pick up the call.  This is useful for when you need to transfer someone to an extension, but that person is walking around the office.   You can park the phone call on SP1-10, and tell them the call is on "Park #".   When you select this, a drop down is presented.  Choose the same park number on all of your extensions.

Agent Login / Logout - This allows you to log out of the queues, if you create a log out, make sure you create a log in.

Change Status - This allows you to change the status in the phone system.  This will allow folks on the web client, URL is in your welcome email, so folks can see your status.  If you add anything other than available, you should make sure you have a button to make your status available at a later time.


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