Text 4 Menu - Text Message To Link To Menu

Phoenix Geeks offers QR Code for menu, tied with a Text Message system.  This will give your guests a choice in how to view your non physical menu.

All of the phone numbers that request your menu are asked to opt into your messaging list.

If you upgrade your plan, you can market at those phone numbers in the future.

We offer a 20% discount to our Text4Menu clients.




Text 4 Menu – Phoenix Geeks system which allows you to have a user text a ‘keyword’ to a short code, and then they are linked to either the online version of your menu, or your own hosted PDF version, or we can host your PDF version of your menu.

To demo this, text opg to 71441 and see what the message looks like.

Our system works with the QR Code system (offer both to make it easier on your guests).  Our owner’s phone will not scan QR codes, and its a brand new state of the art phone (Samsung Z Fold 2).

This system also collects phone numbers, so you can turn your menu delivery into a marketing experience with our marketing upgrades.

Additional information

Plan Name

Apple 500 Messages, Pineapple 1,500 Messages, Banana 2,500 Messages, Pear 5,000 Messages, Peach 10,000 Messages