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Are you looking to put digital signage to work for you at your restaurant?

Digital signage works great to promote your next event, feature, club, membership signup or whatever you'd like to display.

The traditional problem that is often run into is expense and confusion.  Many companies charge an arm and a leg, or a bunch of money monthly for what seems like it should be simple.

Enter Phoenix Geeks.  With our digital signage systems, our Self Managed Network clients are already set up and ready to go, just add this as a feature to your network, and we can have you up within a week, displaying your signage on any TV or Monitor in your business.

If you aren't one of our self managed network clients, that is not a big deal, we can add a network component for licensing and set you up just the same way.

To manage your digital menus, log into our system, upload your media (photos, videos), build your play list, hit play, and your sign is instantly available.  If you want to display one set of signs at lunch and another at dinner?  No big deal.  Maybe you'd like to display your Tuesday and Wednesday specials on Monday, and then your Wednesday and Thursday specials on Tuesday?  We can set you up for that.

Another great use, is a digital 'Open' sign.  Easily done, we mount a television in your window, put the open slide in your playlist, along with some of your specials.  We then create another playlist, on that playlist we have the 'Closed, please come again' slide, and then we program the system to work with your hours.

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with our Digital Signage.