So you are new to toast, or have been with Toast forever! One thing that you will notice is that Toast Does POS Very well, networking not so much.

Phoenix Geeks - Toast Self Managed Network

Toast will send you a Meraki firewall, a switch, and maybe some Access Points (AP)’s

This is ONLY for the Toast network, and is to enforce PCI Compliance.

If you are able to prove PCI Compliance, you can do a self managed network.  Installing a PCI Compliant network is easy!  Phoenix Geeks manages many networks for Toast clients.

Phoenix Geeks will configure and ship, and/or arrange for install of your network.  Our equipment, basically the same that Toast uses, allows you to run your Toast PCI Compliant, admin, guest, av and other networks off the same equipment.  

Using vLANS, Phoenix Geeks breaks your traffic out, to ensure PCI Network compliance.

We are happy to speak with you about deploying this for your restaurant or business, please call 833-PHX-Geek or fill out the form below.

Using top of the line switches and firewalls, we can deploy vLANS.  A vLAN is basically it’s own network, even though all of the cables are plugged into the same networks.  This is where your security comes into play, which is where you become PCI Compliant.

Phoenix Geeks will set you up to have your wifi:

YourRestaurantName <– Admin Network, company wide use

YourRestaurantName-Guest <– Guest network, your guests can access this network.  We can make security a facebook login, or an email address login, or a password login, however you’d like.  This traffic rides your cables and our switch and firewall solution to the internet on it’s own network.

YourRestaurantName-Toast <– Toast Network, PCI controlled, Toast equipment only allowed on this network.  This network is fully PCI Compliant.

YourRestaurantName-AV <– For your Audio Video equipment that uses WIFI. 

We can set up more if your restaurant requires that.

We manage your network for you.  Remotely.

We log into your routers, switches, and AP’s on a set schedule to ensure they are all operating at peak performance.

In between these checks, your network will alert us to changes, or potential issues or issues within the devices or the network.

We Offer Backup Internet

Phoenix Geeks sells a product that is designed to sense your primary internet going down, and then dialing you on the cellular network as a backup.  When your primary wired connection comes back up, the connection is closed and you go back to the wired network connection.

This service is available, ask for a quote for this when we quote the network install!

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