Phoenix Geeks virtual Business Cards (VCF)

Instant Access

Better than giving a business card to someone. They send a text message, get an instant response, and download your card right to their device. This is better than the QR code systems, or the NFC systems, as everyone can text.

Get Leads

Everytime you receive a text message to your keyword, you will receive the phone number of the person requesting your business card. You can set the system up to ask their first, last name and birthday or email address.

Online Profile & Download VCF

Your purchase gives you a text message keyword. Your client sends a text to 71441 with your keyword, they click the link, and download direct to their device. If they click the second link, they will be brought to your online profile.

Upgrade To Full SMS Marketing

Upgrade to Full SMS Marketing at a prorated amount.

How The System Works

Click the video to see large size, demo of how the whole system works. Your end user sends a text with your keyword to 71441, they get a link to download and import your contact info Directly To Their Contacts, or they can click on the second link, to view your online profile.


Start out with a low volume of downloads, and upgrade as the need will be. Digital business cards are easier to change, easier to work with and get you a lead everytime you give one out.

Personal and Professional

With each account having more than 1 profile, you can have a professional and personal business card.


$ 29
  • 2 Profiles
  • Direct Download Link
  • Online Profile
  • 50 Downloads Per Month


$ 49
  • 4 Profiles
  • Direct Download
  • Online Profiles
  • 75 Downloads Per Month


$ 109
  • 8 Profiles
  • Direct Download VCF
  • Online Profiles
  • 125 Download Per Month