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Phoenix Geeks Adds 3CX To Sales Menu

Phoenix Geeks Adds 3CX To Sales Menu

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Phoenix Geeks is pleased to announce the integration of 3CX into our suite of services, enhancing our telecommunications offerings.

3CX represents the forefront of telephony technology, offering a unique pricing model based on the number of concurrent calls rather than the traditional extension-based billing. This innovative approach is particularly advantageous for businesses operating across multiple locations or those employing a workforce of over seven individuals, promising significant cost savings.

In addition to our general expertise, we have specialized knowledge in implementing 3CX systems for the restaurant industry, as detailed on our blog at Our tailored solutions are designed to address the unique challenges faced by restaurants, ensuring seamless communication and efficiency in a fast-paced environment.

To discover how 3CX can transform your business communications and to learn more about our specialized installation services for restaurants, we invite you to contact us at 833-PHX-GEEK, or reach out through the contact form provided below. Our team at Phoenix Geeks is dedicated to providing you with a solution that not only meets but exceeds your communication needs.

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