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Why Go Self Managed Network?

That's an excellent question, and we are so glad you asked!  ToastPOS, Squirrel, Aloha, Revel are all great POS Software.  As you might imagine, they are not great at network administration.

That's where Phoenix Geeks steps in.

Phoenix Geeks Uses The Same Wired Network For All Needs

Phoenix Geeks uses state of the art networking, firewalls, switches and access points, to build out your network, in a PCI Compliant way, to use the same wired network for all of your needs.  This includes setting up specific wifi networks for your Staff, Internet of Things (Televisions, Audio Equipment, Thermostats, etc), POS, and Guest Network.

We can even force your guests enter a passcode you provide them, or check in on Facebook, to aide in your marketing efforts.

6 Reasons To Go Self Managed Network

Improve Productivity

Your restaurant deserves the best wifi coverage possible, and we are confident in our state-of-the-art system to deliver just that. Our team will take precise wireless measurements and install as many Access Points needed, creating a Self Managed Network for all your POS, staff, guest, and IoT needs, all while ensuring PCI compliance. With our solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers will have seamless wifi coverage throughout your establishment. Don't settle for poor wifi coverage any longer; trust us to provide you with a superior solution.

Reduce Your Costs

Revolutionize your business with Self Managed Network's top-notch Public WiFi system! Easy to set up and simple to use, our system delivers unparalleled WiFi access to your guests while gathering valuable marketing information such as email addresses and Facebook IDs. With an array of flexible plans to choose from, you can easily tailor your solution to meet the unique needs of your business. From the moment you install it, your guests will appreciate the added value of free public WiFi and you'll benefit from an increase in foot traffic and customer engagement. Don't hesitate! Say goodbye to complicated WiFi systems and hello to Self Managed Network's unbeatable solution. Contact us today and start reaping the benefits of Public WiFi!

More Reliant with our Backup Cellular Internet Connection

When it comes to utilizing Toast POS, cloud computing is the way to go. And with that level of reliance, it's important to have a backup internet connection. Luckily, Phoenix Geeks has got you covered with their monthly payment plans, which includes Backup Cellular Service with up to 2 gb of transfer per month. You can rest assured that even in the rare event of an internet outage, your business won't be compromised. Trust in our reliable and innovative services as you take your business to the next level with Toast POS.

Easy Support

We are confident that we are here to provide you with the best support possible, anytime and anywhere. With our efficient communication channels such as texting, emailing, filling out forms, or calling us, you can easily reach out to us for assistance. Our skilled technicians can even log into your routers, switches, and wifi Access Points to quickly diagnose and solve any issue. We guarantee that you will receive personalized and hassle-free support from our team. Take action now and experience the convenience and reliability of our Easy Support system.

PCI Compliant

Look no further! Phoenix Geeks has got you covered for all your PCI compliance needs. Trust us, we take compliance seriously and surpass industry standards to ensure your protection. We understand the significance of PCI compliance, which is why we guarantee that our equipment is up to date and always compliant. You can relax knowing your POS system is in safe hands with us. Don't hesitate! Contact us today, and let's get started on securing your business.

Reduce Your Costs

If you're ready to take your restaurant to the next level, look no further than Restaurant Self Managed Network. Our cutting-edge system is the solution you've been searching for to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line.

With Self Managed Network, you'll have everything you need to optimize staffing and resource utilization, all while reducing deployment and configuration costs. And with our seamless integration with ToastPOS, Squirrel, Aloha, Revel, and more, you'll be up and running in no time.

Don't miss out on this game-changing technology. Take charge of your restaurant's network today with Restaurant Self Managed Network.

Please Contact Phoenix Geeks if we can help you to set up Self Managed Network for your ToastPOS, Squirrel, Aloha, Revel or other POS Network.


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