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About Phoenix Geeks

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Phoenix Geeks: A Diverse Tech Solution Powerhouse

Phoenix Geeks, a technology consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded by Toby Alan Dion in 1998. The firm began its journey with a primary focus on addressing the local community’s technological needs and has since grown to cater to a wide array of industries.

Over the years, Phoenix Geeks has built a reputation for excellence in several tech-focused sectors. A cornerstone of the business is its expertise in Point of Sale (POS) system installation. Recognized as a premier provider of Toast Tab POS installation services, Phoenix Geeks has been instrumental in streamlining payment processes for a multitude of businesses in the restaurant and hospitality sectors.

In addition to their success in POS installation, Phoenix Geeks also made significant strides in the retail sector. The firm led the implementation of Walmart’s Self-Checkout (SCO) systems. In their role as SCO leads, Phoenix Geeks managed the setup, testing, and deployment of self-checkout technology, significantly enhancing the customer shopping experience and improving Walmart’s retail operations.

Furthermore, Phoenix Geeks has excelled in the field of cabling. They’ve become a leading cabler, not just in Phoenix, but also across several states including Nebraska, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Phoenix Geeks’ expansive industry presence and the successful execution of diverse technology projects testify to the breadth and depth of their expertise. The company continues to drive technological innovation and provide top-tier tech solutions, maintaining its commitment to outstanding service and customer satisfaction under the able leadership of its founder, Toby Alan Dion.

Today, Phoenix Geeks remains steadfast in its journey, consistently adapting to the changing technological landscape and meeting the varied needs of businesses in the digital era.

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Toby created Phoenix Geeks in 2000, but finally started using the business in 2018 as a ToastTAB Pos Installations company, among our other clients.