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Presto Vision Taco Bell Test

Presto Vision is an amazing AI technology from Presto.

For this Pilot, our lead tech guided a team that installed 9 cameras around a Taco Bell.  The cameras were placed where the client direct us to place them.

We ran cat6 cables from the cameras around the building, which there was 7, plus 2 that were installed on the Drive Thru Poles.  We had to trench down the side of the drive thru, and install Conduit to house the cat6 cables which we ran.

The idea of the cameras, is to look for:

  • Car Counts
  • Wait Timers
  • Detect Regulars, offer upsells
  • Detect Regulars, Repeat Last Orders
  • Allow Mobile Orders to skip the drive thru line
  • Many Other Features

The pilot ran for around a year.

Phoenix Geeks was lead onsite, guiding the electrical team, as well as working with the folks at Presto to guide and angle cameras.


This being the first install of this project, Phoenix Geeks created the manual that became the guide for all future installs, a service we do amazing well, and have done for many projects.

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