Self Managed Network as a Service (SMNaaS) by Phoenix Geeks

Phoenix Geeks offers Self Managed Network as a Service to Toast, Micros, Square, and all POS systems.

This system allows you to use your 1 wired network for all of your uses, Staff, Guest, POS and Admin.

The free trial period is the time between you ordering the equipment, and the time we will be doing the install.  The process will likely take 10-14 days.

The Process:

  1. You place your order right here, and provide your credit card to cover the monthly fees when we get your installation complete
  2. We request from your Toast Sales Rep a “Self Managed Network” docusign be sent to you as we order your equipment
  3. After confirming your docusign has been completed, and your equipment arrives, and our dispatcher will reach out to you to schedule your installation.
  4. We install your new equipment, begin billing.  You provide our support phone number to your staff to answer any questions
  5. You crack a beer, uncork a bottle of wine, and relax knowing that you do not have to answer technical questions for your staff any longer.


From: $309.99 / month




Self Managed Network as a Service (SMNaaS) by Phoenix Geeks

Phoenix Geeks orders, installs and maintains enterprise level equipment including

  • A Firewall/Router
  • A 24 Port Switch
  • 2 Inside Access Points
  • 1 Outside Access Point
  • 1 LTE Backup Cellular Internet Connection

Our install covers the installation of the above equipment, plus the 3 Cat6 lines that go to the AP’s.

Additional cabling is available either by bid and quote ahead of time, or time and materials while we are onsite.

Included with your monthly fee

  • A backup internet connection with up to 1gb of transfer, each additional gig is $14.
  • Professional Network Administrator taking a once a month look at your network, and reporting any issues.
  • 3 hours of technical support per month.  This support time can be used for your network, Microsoft Office, Google Workplace, Toast, or any other technology.

Benefits Of Self Managed Network For Your Network

  • PCI Compliant – Phoenix Geeks Network Administrators build out vLANS for your Corporate, POS, IoT & AV, and Guest networks. vLANS are virtual LANS.  Your current network consists of Physical Data Cables that build out a Local Area Network or LAN.  Those cables plug into switches and firewalls, then to the Internet.   A vLAN uses the managed switches and firewall Phoenix Geeks will install in your network to build several virtual networks.  Those virtual networks allows for your Office, POS, Staff and Guest network to use the same physical cables in your buildings but act as several.  By using vLANS and other security, protocols on your network, Phoenix Geeks means your network is PCI Compliant.
  • Backup Internet – You know how it happens, Friday night, the internet drops out.  We have you covered. You would be automatically connected to our cellular backup.  We install the device and the first gig of transfer each month is included in our Self Managed Network as a Service.
  • Monthly Checkup & Report – Phoenix Geeks Network Admins log into all equipment we maintain, monthly.  When we log into your network devices, we look:
    • Intrusions and Suspicious Activity – We check the logs and all automated intrusion systems to ensure they are working, and optimized for security and functionality.
    • Network Misuse – We look for indications that your staff is abusing the network and using more bandwidth then they should
    • Firmware & Software Updates – We make sure you are running the latest released firmware and software for all of your devices. When you run the latest firmware and software, your devices will maintain security.
    • PCI Compliance – Are we meeting full PCI Compliance.  Are all vLANS still in tact, and is anything on the POS network that doesn’t belong.  Phoenix Geeks Network Admins are alerted whenever any device connects to you any network other than guest networks.

The monthly fee for Self Managed Network as a Service falls to $279.99 after 12 months.



Additional information

Subscription Level

$349.99 Self Managed Network as a Service w/BU Internet, $309.99 Self Managed Network as a Service w/BU Internet (Reuse Toast AP's)