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Boost Your Business with Happy Hour Menu Pricing on Toast POS

Boost your restaurant’s revenue with happy hour pricing using Toast POS. Attract more customers, enhance their experience, and streamline operations effortlessly. Learn how to maximize your happy hour success with automated pricing, inventory management, and data-driven insights.

Phoenix Geeks Restaurant Blog

Streamline Custom Orders with Toast POS Modifiers and Special Requests

Toast POS’s modifiers and special requests feature simplifies custom orders, allowing restaurants to easily handle extra toppings, specific cooking instructions, and dietary accommodations. Discover how this tool can enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

Phoenix Geeks Restaurant Blog

Boost Your Restaurant’s Profits with Toast POS

Maximize your restaurant’s profits with Toast POS by streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and utilizing data-driven insights. Discover how Toast POS can transform your business. Call Phoenix Geeks today at 833-PHX-Geek.

Phoenix Geeks Restaurant Blog

Crafting the Perfect Beverage Program with Toast POS

Enhance your restaurant’s beverage program with Toast POS. Tailor your offerings, optimize pricing, and engage customers with promotions. Discover how Toast can help elevate your dining experience and boost profitability.

Phoenix Geeks Restaurant Blog

Navigating Delivery Services with Toast POS: A Guide to Mastery

Master delivery integration with Toast POS. This guide simplifies setup and management, covering account linking, delivery zone configuration, and training. Enhance efficiency and boost growth with our expert advice on managing fees, time estimates, and more.

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How to Create a Winning Beverage Program with Toast POS

Toast POS empowers you to craft a beverage program that excites guests and drives success. From inventory management to seamless menu customization, discover how to streamline operations and elevate sales.

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Get Toast POS For Your Restaurant

Fill out this form to get a quote for cabling, and we will forward your name to the local Toast Rep for a quote from them.

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Jamba Juice Toast POS Nationwide Rollout

Jamba came to Toast POS for a national rollout at all of their locations. Phoenix Geeks was initially brought in to complete the installs at around 100 locations.

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Expert ToastTab POS Support and Network Cabling Services by Phoenix Geeks in North Carolina

Discover the leading-edge ToastTab POS support and network cabling solutions offered by Phoenix Geeks. Tailored for businesses in Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte, Kinston, and Wilmington, our services ensure seamless operations and technological efficiency. Elevate your business with our expert team dedicated to your success in North Carolina. Contact Phoenix Geeks for

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Toast Tab POS

Toast Tab POS is a revolutionary point-of-sale system designed to revolutionize the restaurant industry. It streamlines operations with features such as automated inventory control, advanced reporting capabilities, and faster transaction processing times. It also enables customers to pay with their mobile device, eliminating the need for cash or cards. With

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Self-Managed Networks for Restaurants: A Game-Changer in POS Systems

In the restaurant industry, the efficiency of Point of Sale (POS) systems like Toast is crucial. A self-managed network, as detailed in this blog post, can revolutionize restaurant operations. Self-managed networks allow restaurants to control their network infrastructure, optimizing transactions and ensuring security for sensitive data. Benefits include enhanced control,

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Phoenix Geeks Restaurant Blog

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Toast Implementation with Phoenix Geeks

Phoenix Geeks, LLC is here to help unlock the full potential of your Toast implementation. We provide expert tech support whenever you need it, with our knowledgeable team available via phone, email or a support ticket. In addition, if ever an onsite visit is required, we can arrange for that

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Toast Rep Lead Referral

Provide A Lead To Phoenix Geeks Thank you for sending us this lead! Please fill this form out, so that we will follow up with your client.  We will keep you in the loop the entire way thru this project. Around twenty minutes after you submit this form, an email

POS Installation

Phoenix Geeks can perform your POS install. Whether it’s a propriety system like Total Wine & More uses or a commonly installed POS like Toast POS.

North Carolina (NC)

Phoenix Geeks services all of North Carolina for POS installations including Toast POS.

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Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) ***

Le Pain Quotidien chose Toast POS for their nationwide rollout, and they chose Phoenix Geeks to handle the installation. Our team of Travelling Techs embedded with LPQ’s IT staff to install Toast at all of their locations in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

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