Adopting Unifi LTE Device To Network


Sometimes when you connect these, they do not prompt to be adopted.  When that occurs, change your default network to use the dream machine as it's primary DNS ( then use Google's or any other,,

As soon as you do that, reboot the LTE device, so it picks up the new DNS info, then adopt the device.

From there, adopt as normal.

Protect against internet downtime and potentially lost productivity by adding the UniFi U-LTE Redundant WAN over LTE to your network. Featuring an external 2 x 2 MIMO antenna, this category 4 LTE device connects to the AT&T LTE network as a backup if your main internet connection fails. Simply connect it to a UniFi Dream Machine or UniFi Security Gateway (available separately) to integrate it into your network. You can check its status and signal strength, in addition to tracking data usage, with the built-in 1.54" status display. The U-LTE is powered through its PoE-compliant Gigabit Ethernet port, and it has a secondary port for bridging and passive PoE passthrough. Multiple coverage plans are available and you can configure the U-LTE through UniFi Network Controller.

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