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Post-Project Review: Phoenix Geeks' Involvement in Jamba Juice Toast POS Rollout

Post-Project Review: Phoenix Geeks' Involvement in Jamba Juice Toast POS Rollout


Phoenix Geeks played a pivotal role in the nationwide rollout of Toast POS systems at Jamba Juice locations. Initially contracted for installations at approximately 100 locations, our exceptional performance led to an expanded role, encompassing over 450 installations and training responsibilities for Jamba Juice's IT staff.

Objectives and Scope

Our primary objectives were:

  1. Efficient Installation: Implement Toast POS systems at selected Jamba Juice locations.
    2. Quality Assurance: Ensure each installation met high operational standards.
    3. Training and Empowerment: Provide comprehensive training to Jamba Juice IT staff for future installations.


Our approach was systematic and customer-focused:

  • Pre-Installation Planning:  Detailed site assessments and custom installation plans for each location.
  • Team Coordination: Skilled technicians worked in tandem with Jamba Juice staff to minimize disruptions.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous testing post-installation to ensure system functionality and reliability.


Expanded Role: From 100 to over 450 installations, reflecting client trust and satisfaction.

  • Training Program Success: Developed and delivered a tailored training program for Jamba Juice IT staff, enabling them to independently handle installations at 800+ locations.
  • System Reliability: Post-installation reports indicate high system performance and user satisfaction.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Scheduling Conflicts: Managed through flexible planning and constant communication with Jamba Juice managers.
  • Technical Hurdles: Quick adaptation to diverse store layouts and existing infrastructure to ensure seamless POS integration.

Client Feedback

Both Toast and Jamba Juice expressed high satisfaction with our work, praising our technical proficiency, project management skills, and collaborative approach.


Phoenix Geeks' involvement in the Jamba Juice Toast POS rollout was a resounding success. We not only exceeded our initial installation targets but also added significant value through our training program. This project stands as a testament to our team's expertise, dedication, and ability to deliver exceptional results in a dynamic environment.

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