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Phoenix Geeks, LLC

Phoenix Geeks, a technology consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded by Toby Alan Dion in 1998. The firm began its journey with a primary focus on addressing the local community’s technological needs and has since grown to cater to a wide array of industries.

Over the years, Phoenix Geeks has built a reputation for excellence in several tech-focused sectors. A cornerstone of the business is its expertise in Point of Sale (POS) system installation. Recognized as a premier provider of Toast Tab POS installation services, Phoenix Geeks has been instrumental in streamlining payment processes for a multitude of businesses in the restaurant and hospitality sectors.

In addition to their success in POS installation, Phoenix Geeks also made significant strides in the retail sector. The firm led the implementation of Walmart’s Self-Checkout (SCO) systems. In their role as SCO leads, Phoenix Geeks managed the setup, testing, and deployment of self-checkout technology, significantly enhancing the customer shopping experience and improving Walmart’s retail operations.

Furthermore, Phoenix Geeks has excelled in the field of cabling. They’ve become a leading cabler, not just in Phoenix, but also across several states including Nebraska, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Phoenix Geeks’ expansive industry presence and the successful execution of diverse technology projects testify to the breadth and depth of their expertise. The company continues to drive technological innovation and provide top-tier tech solutions, maintaining its commitment to outstanding service and customer satisfaction under the able leadership of its founder, Toby Alan Dion.

Today, Phoenix Geeks remains steadfast in its journey, consistently adapting to the changing technological landscape and meeting the varied needs of businesses in the digital era.

Are you looking to come to Toast POS? Follow this link to sign up and get a free quote from your local Toast Rep. They will come out to your restaurant, and give you a free, no obligation quote.

Are you looking to come to Toast POS? Follow this link to sign up and get a free quote from your local Toast Rep. They will come out to your restaurant, and give you a free, no obligation quote.

Aaron's Logo

Aaron's Rental

The Aaron's Company is an American lease-to-own retailer. The company focuses on leases and retail sales of furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers. The company sells through the company-operated and franchised stores, e-commerce platform ( and national retail partners using virtual lease-to-own technology Progressive Leasing.

AMF Bowling

AMF Bowling

AMF Bowling rolled out a national upgrade of their servers in all of their bowling centers.


Bank Of America

Bank Of America was rolling out an upgrade to the infrastructure.  Phoenix Geeks was brought in to extend the DMARC and add internal cables.


Chase Bank

Phoenix Geeks was brought in to install all of the AV equipment for a $2 million dollar upgrade at one of their banking systems.


Essinitial Enterprise Solutions

Essintial Enterprise Solution runs projects for large and very large clients.


Field Nation

Field Nation is a work platform.  Several years ago, Phoenix Geeks turned to the platform to meet some clients.   Some of the work we did several years ago, was sourced thru Field Nation.


Hilton Hotels

Every hotel in the Hilton Chain is has the reservation server and workstations upgraded every third year.a

Jamba Juice Logo


Phoenix Geeks performed the national rollout of Toast at Jamba locations nationwide.

Le Pain Quotidien LPQ Logo

Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ)

Le Pain Quotidien chose Toast POS for their nationwide rollout, and they chose Phoenix Geeks to handle the installation. Our team of Travelling Techs embedded with LPQ's IT staff to install Toast at all of their locations in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and Chicago.



Macy's is a large retailer. Phoenix Geeks lead the upgrade of the POS equipment at multiple stores in the Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas.



Phoenix Geeks has done many different jobs for McDonalds.  We have been on the Digital Menu Board project (DMB), the Network Upgrade, the Radius Bluetooth Table Tent Install, and the Kiosk installs.

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Nationwide Geeks, LLC

Phoenix Geeks, LLC is a partner in Nationwide Geeks, LLC. We work on projects  between the two companies.



Phoenix Geeks has done many jobs for NCR including Walmart Self Check Outs (SCO) and more.


Panera Bread

We have worked for many vendors at Panera Bread. We have been part of their Table Tent Project, but we also worked with them when they purchased Paradise Bakery and worked on the integration of the two companies.


Patient Point

Patient Point is a software for dental and doctors office that allow for the patient to learn about their ailments. Phoenix Geeks installs, and works on, their machines in the Phoenix, Arizona area.



Presto has a lot of Innovative technology for retail and restaurants.  Phoenix Geeks installs several of their systems.

taco bell

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a leading fast food chain in the US. Phoenix Geeks has been involved in many different projects for them.


Tech Data

Tech Data is a large company.  They run the Hilton Project.  Read more about that in the Projects section.


The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot rollout with Toast was run over the course of a year.   Phoenix Geeks did many of the installs at many of their stores around the US, including Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Arizona, Minnesota, California, Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey and more.

Toast Terminal at Jamba Juice 2 drawers


Toast Tab POS is a revolutionary point-of-sale system designed to revolutionize the restaurant industry. It streamlines operations with features such as automated inventory control, advanced reporting capabilities, and faster transaction processing times. It also enables customers to pay with their mobile device, eliminating the need for cash or cards. With[ Read More ]

Total Wines And More Logo

Total Wine And More

Total Wine & More contacted Phoenix Geeks to help with their nationwide store upgrade project. Our team travelled to stores in multiple states to swap out Access Points for Meraki APs. We also updated the switches and routers in each store with the Total Wine & More network administration team.


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has had Phoenix Geeks technicians in the Phoenix area work on their ATM's communication and networking.

Projects For Phoenix Geeks, LLC

Phoenix Geeks does Break / Fix work for Taco Bell.
Presto Vision is an amazing AI technology from Presto.
Jamba came to Toast POS for a national rollout at all of their locations.  Phoenix Geeks was initially brought in to complete the installs at around 100 locations.
Pricer International out of Atlanta, Georgia has a nationwide network of appliance stores set up to display their pricing. Their hardware is basically Access points which shoot Infrared Light around the room which contains data.
Phoenix Geeks was on the team that upgraded Macy's POS Upgrades.
Jiffy Lube rolled out an upgrade to Windows 7.  Phoenix Geeks upgraded the workstations, servers, and printers at their locations in Arizona, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Maryland and more.
Bank Of America had Phoenix Geeks come in and extend the DMARC on many of their branches for an upcoming project.
Phoenix Geeks did the upgrade of the servers, workstations and POS equipment at many bowling centers around Arizona.
Phoenix Geeks has done some phone repair, and upgrades for Aaron's.
Total Wine and More keeps opening more stores.  In 2021 they opened up Michigan as a market. Phoenix Geeks installs their POS at their new locations.
Total Wine and More upgraded their AP's, added AP's and installed new switches and firewalls. Phoenix Geeks was brought in to complete the job.
Chase Bank decided to test out VR for loans.  In doing this, they spent $2M on the upgrade.   Phoenix Geeks was brought in perform the install of around $500K worth of electronics.
Every hotel in the Hilton network has their server and desktops upgraded every 3 years. This is a national rollout.
Phoenix Geeks installs screens on walls of DR's offices for patient education.
McDonald's installed bluetooth powered table tents in their restaurants.  The point was to allow the staff to custom cook burgers and such for their guests, and then deliver the food the table.
McDonalds uses digital menu boards to display their menus.  These are basically large televisions. Phoenix Geeks is one of the teams of installers they use in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
Phoenix Geeks has a team of leads which travel and lead teams installing Self Check Outs for NCR at Walmart.
Nationwide Geeks, LLC wrote our own job tracking software for our technicians.   We are building it out for license in a SAAS fashion.   To follow the progress of this, fill out the form lower on the page.
Phoenix Geeks performed the nationwide rollout for The Melting Pot's Toast POS rollout.
ToastPOS gave LPQ Phoenix Geeks' name to get their nationwide rollout of POS hardware, cabling, training and Go Live Support (GLS) completed. was born when one of the partners owned a restaurant with over 180 beers being offered. This was built to be the best beverage marketing system on the Internet.

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