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Case Study

The Start Of Our Involvement

Phoenix Geeks, a forward-thinking software development company, recognized a unique opportunity in the market - the need for a sophisticated system that assists beer enthusiasts in locating their desired brews with ease and precision. This case study explores how Phoenix Geeks developed a solution that not only catered to specific beer preferences but also attracted a more discerning, higher-end beer-drinking clientele.

Solutions Provided

The primary challenge was twofold. Firstly, to create a system that could accurately identify and suggest specific beers based on user preferences, location, and availability. Secondly, the solution needed to appeal to a more sophisticated segment of beer drinkers - those who appreciate premium, often niche, beer varieties.

The Conclusion

  1. What Is Pouring Beer Finder:
    • Phoenix Geeks developed an intuitive beer finding tool integrated within the What Is Pouring platform.
    • The tool utilized a comprehensive database, including a wide array of beers from various breweries and locations.
    • Advanced algorithms were employed to match users with their preferred beer types based on past selections, search patterns, and user ratings.
  2. Geolocation-Based Recommendations:
    • The system leveraged geolocation technology to suggest nearby locations where specific beers were available.
    • This feature was particularly useful for users seeking rare or specific types of beer.
  3. User Profile Customization:
    • Users could create profiles indicating their beer preferences, including types, brands, and even specific flavors.
    • The system used this data to provide personalized recommendations, enhancing the user experience.
  4. Engagement with Premium Breweries:
    • Phoenix Geeks collaborated with premium breweries to list their exclusive and high-end beers on the platform.
    • This partnership ensured that the platform catered to the tastes of higher-end beer enthusiasts.


  1. Enhanced User Experience:
    • The What Is Pouring beer finder became a hit among users, especially those with specific tastes or preferences in beer.
    • Users appreciated the ease with which they could find their desired beer, leading to increased satisfaction and platform loyalty.
  2. Increased Traffic from Premium Beer Drinkers:
    • The inclusion of high-end and niche beers attracted a more discerning clientele.
    • These customers not only used the platform frequently but also contributed to higher sales of premium beers at participating bars and breweries.
  3. Positive Feedback from Bars and Breweries:
    • Bars and breweries reported an increase in foot traffic and sales, particularly of their premium offerings.
    • The targeted advertising feature allowed them to effectively reach out to potential customers interested in high-quality beers.


Phoenix Geeks' innovative solution through What Is Pouring significantly impacted the beer industry. By catering to specific preferences and enabling the discovery of premium beers, they not only satisfied the needs of individual beer enthusiasts but also created a niche market that benefited bars and breweries. This case study exemplifies how understanding customer needs and leveraging technology can create a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses in the hospitality sector. - The Comprehensive Beer Menu and Analysis Platform

What Is Pouring: The Comprehensive Beer Menu and Analysis Platform

Project Description:

What Is Pouring is an innovative website designed to revolutionize the way bars and breweries interact with their clientele through a dynamic and user-friendly interface. This website offers a suite of features catering to both businesses and beer enthusiasts, leveraging a comprehensive database to enhance the beer-drinking experience.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Beer Menus for Bars:
    1. Bars can easily select from a wide range of beers in our database to create and display their unique menu.
    2. The platform allows for quick updates and modifications to the menu, including the pricing of each beer.
  2. Regional Beer Analysis:
    1. Our platform provides in-depth analytics on beer types being served across different regions, highlighting popular trends and price points.
    2. This feature aids bars and breweries in understanding regional preferences and adjusting their offerings accordingly.
  3. Local Beer Search Engine:
    1. A specialized search engine enables users to find specific beers on tap in their locality.
    2. This tool is a boon for beer lovers looking to taste their favorite brews nearby.
  4. Accurate Beer Finder for Breweries:
    1. Breweries can integrate this feature on their websites, allowing customers to find their preferred beers with precision and ease.
    2. This tool enhances customer engagement and boosts the visibility of brewery offerings.
  5. Targeted Advertising for Specific Beer Preferences:
    1. The platform offers a unique advertising opportunity by enabling targeted ads.
    2. Bars and breweries can reach out to specific segments of beer drinkers, like IPA enthusiasts, with tailored advertisements.


For Bars and Breweries: Increased customer satisfaction through personalized offerings, better inventory management, and targeted marketing strategies.
For Consumers: Enhanced beer discovery experience, easy access to preferred beers, and awareness of new and trending brews in their region.


What Is Pouring stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and the timeless love for beer. It's not just a tool; it's a community builder, a trend analyzer, and a personal assistant for every beer aficionado. Whether you're a bar owner, a brewery, or a beer enthusiast, What Is Pouring is your go-to platform for all things beer.

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