Create Toast User for System User for account


To create a System User for an account:

  1. Log into using your tech email and task ray ID or owner's or manager's credentials
    1. Navigate to Employees
      1. Add Employee
        1. Invite employee
          1. Email address to use is
          2. Assign GM rights, but before you leave, log in and remove all rights to this user.
          3. Set the PIN to 98712
        2. Repeat step 1 with
          This is the account you will update to become  The first one is the one you set to GM and leave for us to get in when they call us later on.
  2. Check your Phoenix Geeks email.
    1. Find the email from Toast to activate your account
      1. Click the link in the email, but make sure you do not open that link into the browser session you are currently signed into.  Right click and open in Incognito mode.
      2. Enter the default password for the company
      3. Set the pin to 98712
      4. In the employee ID field, enter PW: then the default password.
      5. Save this record.
      6. Log in with this record.
  3. Change the email address for your new account
    1. Click the name in the top right corner.
      1. Click My Account
        1. Click in Change Email
          1. Enter a new email address.  I suggest using
          2. Save
  4. Log back in with the new email address you just created and the password
  5. After verifying that change worked, log into the crm and search for your organization.
    1. Click on Details
      1. Locate Toast Customer Specific Data
        1. In the Toast system login id enter the email address you just created.
        2. In the Toast System Login Password enter the password you just created.
        3. In the PG Toast Login enter the email address you saved first earlier.
        4. In the PG Toast Password enter the password you created for the account.  Whatever password you create.
        5. While there, enter Toast Tech Paragraph Something Positive - Something great that you saw, did, or liked about the client's building, restaurant, etc.  This will be sent to the client 2 days after you leave site.
        6. Enter whatever settings are specific in Toast Specific Settings section.  This is settings like "No print at bar"  This will be emailed to client 2 days after your install.
        7. Toast GUID - If this is a Toast sent job, enter the Toast GUID here.
        8. Toast Task Ray ID - If this is a toast sent job, enter the Toast TaskRay ID here.
      2. Save all fields as you enter them.

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