Toast Closing Procedures


  • Shift Change
    1. Servers (Use a Toast Device)
      1. Using the server’s number on a Toast Device, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen.
      1. Scroll down to “Shift Review” Under My Account
      1. Follow all prompts.  Ensure there are:
        1. No Open Orders
        1. No Pending Close (Credit Card Tips To Be Entered From Paper CC Slips)
        1. Click on Close Shift
        1. Click on Next until you get to Print or Done prompt. Click on Print.  Retrieve report from assigned printer.
    1. Bar (Use the Toast Bar Device)
      1. Walk up to the bar with the new cash drawer.
      1. Log in with your manager number, click on the arrow in the top left.
      1. Scroll down to Cash Drawers
        1. Click on the cash drawer.
        1. Click on New Drawer  (DO THIS ONLY AT LUNCH TIME)
          1. This will make this drawer not active.  Swap your drawers, (click on the new drawer, click on no sale) secure the drawer just removed from the cash drawer at the bar.  Count when can.
      1. When time permits, count the cash in the drawer, including the $500.
        1. Close the drawer
          1. Pick up any Toast device, and log in with manager number.
          1. Click on the arrow in the top left side of the screen.
          1. Scroll down to cash drawers
          1. Click on “open” in the top middle of the screen
          1. Touch the drawer you are looking for
          1. Click on Close Drawer on the right
          1. Enter the total amount of money counted including the initial starting bank ($500)
          1. A report will print, this report goes with your AM/PM Bar shift review.
    1. Run a ‘sales summary’ report (Do this from a Computer, Phone, ETC)
      1. Click on Sales Summary from the home page (url:
      1. Change the ‘all hours’ at the top to ‘11A to 4P’, then click on update.
      1. Look for the guest count and rest of the data on this report that is needed.
    1. Use the data from above to fill out the paperwork.
  • End Of Day
    1. Servers
      1. Close out servers using procedure in section 1.a
    1. Bar
      1. Follow 1) b), but do not click on ‘new drawer’.  Instead, take the drawer upstairs, count then follow the rest of the procedure from there.
  • Close Out Day (Do from Toast Device)
    1. Click on back arrow top left
      1. Scroll down to “Close Out Day” and click it.
      1. Ensure:
        1. Unpaid Checks is 0
        1. Unclosed Checks is 0
        1. # of clocked in employees is the correct number of employees, clock out and/or fix all time entries while doing the close out.
        1. Batching is an automated process which occurs at 4AM, so no need to do anything there.
        1. Close Drawer should be 0
        1. Print the report
  • Product Mix Report
    1. Click Menu under Analytics & Reporting (
    1. Select the date – click update.
    1. Click on Expand All
    1. Click the printer button, or follow E-G
    1. Click the Green download button.   This will download a CSV file.
    1. Open the CSV file in excel.
    1. Print the report
  • Finance Report – What was posted Credit Cards b
    1. Log into
    1. Scroll down to Analytics and Reports – click on Finance
    1. Click on “View Report” under Settled Deposits Daily Breakdown”
    1. Click on the date you want to see. In the grey area.
    1. Right click on any white area, choose print, ensure that landscape is chosen.
  • Closing Out A Gift Card (Paper Gift Card)  (FRONT OF HOUSE INFO)
    1. Present the check
    1. When ready to pay, go to a terminal
    1. Load the order
    1. Click Pay
    1. Enter the amount you are trying to pay towards the gift card, if not the balance.
    1. Then click Other Payment method
    1. Then click on Paper Gift Card
    1. Tender the rest of the transaction.

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